Sunday, January 14, 2018

my numbers 8 through 14 somethings


Sunday, so it is that time of the week that I reveil to you my new additions to my 365somethings2018 collection. 
Inspiration for these 7 cards came from the early bird Wanderlust2018 class "dynamic paper painting" from Kasia Avery over at everything art which I saw earlier this week.

Dynamic, intuitive painting requires you to let go and don't worry and/or control the outcome. I noticed that I was looking at each card and thinking what needed to be added, where,...
This doesn't mean that I am not satisfied with the result, because I am, 

even so much that I've printed them out to use in future projects.
But I'm not completely happy about my process, gues I'll need to practice some more on letting expectations go. 

Next I spent hours browsing through my collage material (really need to get this organized, anyone any bright ideas??) and magazines to find just that perfect picture for that card. When that was done the search could start for that perfect quote 😃
But now as I sit here writing this post surrounded by my cards I am very pleased, very pleased indeed.

It is only week 2 but suddenly it has dawned to me what a huge project I've taken on, 
but I'm up for the challenge, 
ready to grow in my art!!!

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  1. They're all very cool, like affirmation postcards. I like them!
    And for organizing collage fodder, I've tried to do it many different ways but these days I embrace my different folders of random things, and work with what I can find in there intuitively. There is a element of randomness about it that I enjoy. :)