Sunday, February 4, 2018



This week's theme for my 7 icads was chosen by my son and he chose carnival.
I started with some fun, colorful backgrounds using brushos, ink splatters...
This was on wednesday evening, I had had such a bad day but just sitting down with him and making these backgrounds lightened up my day.
The next following days I spent fiddling with focal points, in fact I made way much than 7 somethings but a lot didn't make the final curtain.
These did:

Amsterdam inks with black acrylic stencilling.
brushos with a Rio carnival dancer.
ecoline splatters with some collage elements.

background is a napkin design, images are from a National Geographic magazine.
black gesso with white stencilling, silhouettes from a Mardi Gras band.
black gesso with gold wax stencilling.

collage depecting a vintage carnival.

As you may have noticed carnival took me all over the world, from Rio de Janeiro, over New Orleans and Venice to China and back in time.

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