Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Hello Wednesday,

Time to share our desks over at Julia's.
Mine is buzzing with creativity

my desk in all his glory.

I'm busy with this week's 7 somethings (want to see my other 35 somethings check out the 365somethings2018 tab above) 

7 Valentine icads in progress.

stack of Valentine related items: stamps, paper, embellishments.
I did manage to finish off my bloom from last week, not completely happy with it, might give it another try as it was a fun project

short and sweet, of to see yours now 😉


  1. Love the up and down hearts one, and by the way your link isn't working, had to click on the header to get your post today. BJ#2

  2. you may need to fix your link..... love you 365 somethings.. what a good challenge! don't the bloom pics look different outlined! Helen #3

  3. sorry but 2nd link does the same as the first one but we can get here so not really a major problem. BJ#2

  4. Yay 4th one worked - Horrah BJ#2

  5. Glad you got a link that worked :D Fab pics of all the doings on your desk!!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 4

  6. I’m here via this link and I’m chuckling as Ive done it myself before now and know the feeling of horror when you can’t get it right. Don’t worry Vicky, our beloved leader will fix it for you haha.
    That’s a very busy and productive desk you’ve got there missus. Well done you.
    LYNN x 13

  7. Love all your mislinks, when they're put right it moves me further up the numbers which makes me look like I must've got up early!!!!
    Interesting work going on on your workdesk, look forward to seeing the finished articles.
    Take care and stay warm
    Christine (at present) #21 but gonna move on up....

  8. I tried the 4th link and made it here straight away. I did try to visit last week but kept ending up back at Julia's; glad you managed to get things working. I haven't done the compass mandala yet for week 3 so i enjoy seeing examples from those who have. Have a great week Vicky, Sarah #23

  9. Well, as long as you had fun creating the bloom then that's what's important - I really like it, by the way! There are some lovely bright colourful things on your desk this week :-D
    Hugs LLJ 15 xxx

  10. Ooh, you're doing '365 somethings' with Tammy and iHanna?! I plan to 'step in' next week (have to wait 'till after the weekend when I plan to take home a 'mixed media block' from the shop I will be teaching a workshop to use for this project.) I love all the brightness and colors on your desk! Happy woyww, warm hug from Holland. Marit #26

  11. Hi Vicky, love how the flower turned out. Must get started on Hubbys Valentines card! Have a lovely week, hugs, Shaz #11 XxX

  12. Lovely crafty desk today but can't think what's happened with your link but I've found you any way. Have a great woyww, Angela x17x

  13. Sorry it’s taken so long to correct the links, I got back late and then Mr Linky wouldn’t let me into my dashboard for some reason! Never mind anyway...we’ve all and link problems at some point, believe me. Love the sight of your creative and inky desk, those valentines are gorgeous.

  14. Hi Vicky. Busy looking desk! Just realised only one week to Valentine's Day ... better make Mr M a card! Have a lovely week Heather #31

  15. It is supposed to be third time lucky - this proves it is fourth LOL. Had to smile at your name keep appearing. Sounds like me!
    Crikey, you are busy with the hearts - hope we get to see the Valentine cards when finished.
    Now what is wrong with the bloom page? Looks fine to me.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx (been asleep all day)

  16. I can hear the buzzing from here! Great projects, full of creativity! Great desk today, Vicky, glad your link finally worked! Lindart #38

  17. I love the backgrounds you have done to the ICAD´s.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Sussie nr 38.

  18. Oh my! Lots of lovely colors and things going on at your desk! So pretty!
    ~Sandy from Texas #40
    Sandy Trefger Creative Designs

  19. Hi Vicky, thanks for letting me know what an icard is, and what a great idea too. Index cards are not too big and not too small so I imagine they are a much more manageable project than a 12x12 page layout. I got the bug for scrapping when living in Massachusetts over 20 years ago but progress has been slow and I'm now totally convinced that I will never be able to scrap all our photos so I'm concentrating on the ones that simply appeal to me, like those oversized photos of my son. Besides they are much to big to fit into our photo albums. Elizabeth x #30