Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Hello and welcome,

Nothing much going on on my desk this week.

There is however a good explanation for that:
we have painters starting today with installing our ceiling in the living room/kitchen and painting everything so we needed to clear everything which took all of my time unfortunately.

The only thing I managed is to set up my desk to attempt the grungy gelliplate printing I saw last week on Susan’s desk

Also on my desk you can see the result of last week’s icads (10x15cm indexcards) still going strong with the 365 project.

Hop on over to Julia at The Stamping Ground see what other creative souls are doing.


  1. Vicky, all that craziness can be stressful! Have a cuppa to take care of that! LOLOL I hope it all looks GORGEOUS when you are done! Love your icads, just beautiful! :) Have a great rest of the week! Felicia #27

  2. Hope all goes well with the work in the house Vicky. I love how you display your ICADs and change the display each week. Another fabulous group! Have a good week. Sarah #7

  3. you look fairly busy to me! Have a good week. Helen #1

  4. Hi Vicky, hope all goes well with the plasterers. Very colourful icads. Have a lovely week Heather x #28

  5. Hi Vicky, lovely projects today. Hope everything goes well with the work in the kitchen. Have a lovely crafty woyww, Angela x16x

  6. I was certain I had visited you, good job I checked.
    Lovely icads (now I know what they are) and hopefully more next week despite the alterations going on at home. Good luck with them - and with the Gelli plate.
    Hugs, Neet 9 xx

  7. Happy Belated WOYWW. I had to Google what an icad was - and then of course realised straightaway what you meant! Love your display. Ali x #13

  8. HI Vicky, I love how you stage the shot of the works in the display its so fun. ( I have some of those holders but, they only come out of the closet for booth displays since I tend to have piles and no spare space for art.) Or I would turn around and splatter said art with something else lol. ~Stacy #32

  9. Adore the icards on your stand. Reminds me I have one of those stands from when I attempted to sell cards many moons ago. Hope the ceiling goes in OK. Thanks for the visit BJ#4

  10. Hi Vicky. Some lovely makes there on your desk today. Well done.
    Yes, I did rather have sore fingers when I'd done all that cutting - at least it's not me that has to make quite all those bags!!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  11. Sorry you've had work to do on the house - takes a lot of time and makes a lot of mess too! Your icads are absolutely gorgeous! Very colourful and 3D too, and I do love the thing they are displayed on. Thank you for your lovely comment - I am already benefiting from the reorganisation of my desk, with the divided wooden box of my Dad's - everything close at hand and not falling off the shelf all the time now! I've got to crack on as quickly as possible with the mystery project as we are seeing Mum's friend soon and it's got to be finished by then.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #33

  12. Those cards are so pretty to look at live your holder for them hugs Nikki 6 super late