Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Trusting the path mandala part 2


Part 2 of the lesson was to create a windrose using maps.

I started with a watercolorwash background. I had these cheap tubes already for years which of course meant that most of them were as hard as rock. 
I am just wondering wether you can use them as pans instead? 
Maybe I need to retrieve them out of the garbage? 
Or is that a bridge to far?
I did order a replacement Kuretake set after seeing Jamie's lesson last week.

Next came cutting the shapes out of maps,
the heart was a happy little cutting accident, that coincidentally fits perfect with the theme
Trusting the path,
Following your path,
Following your heart.

After the heart accident many more accidents followed, 
the one more happier then the other.
Didn't like the doodling on my compass, so covered them up again
The lines are not all oriented in the same way,tried to fix that but failed hence the 2 darker lines, not so happy accident
Didn't like the doodling in my 2nd circle either so pulled it back off and glued it back down, like the color that came of from underneath, yet another happy accident.

Here is the double spread with both mandalas

2 lessons out of the 5 completed.

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