Thursday, April 10, 2014

dragonfly (junk journal page #12 )

Last weekend I found this medaillon on a parking lot

Libelle is a magazine and literally means dragonfly. So this was my inspiration and junk for this piece:

I started with a piece of cardboard on which I added crunched up pieces of masking tape, applied a layer of gesso over it and sprayed 2 different shades of blue.
I found a box with magical fibres in one of my drawers, where it has been laying way too long, and thought the time was there to finally actually use it. 
What a fun product: it gives a nice texture and has a fantastic shimmer to it.
Dragonflies represent something mystical to me, so I added some elfs to top it all off.
This week I read an articled about a British professor who claims to have photographed elfs in the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire:

Probably there is a completely rational explanation for this but every now and then we just need a little bit of magic in our life, don't you think?


  1. Great page Vicky, love that shine of the magical fibers!

  2. me too, I will be using this more in the future