Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trust your instinct

Yesterday I showed 2 pages on which I was stuck.
Well, I followed some of the advice that I got (so thank you to everyone) and put them aside and started on something totally different.
I made these stencils: 

Can't wait to give them a try ( the last one my son already had some fun with on the gelliplate as you can see)
But first I wanted to finish of one of the pages because suddenly it struck me what to do next.
But first the start.
I used a piece of my tear-off palette which already had some paint on it from another page which I smeared with a sponge.

Added a ground plan of a city with a stamp, an embossed medieval cellar and a border, this is the stage where I got stuck

But after making the stencils I knew I wanted to add some acetate.
So I used some that come with stamps and stamped the text "trust your instinct" on it. Because that is exactly what you should do, whether it is in art or in your everyday life.