Wednesday, April 9, 2014

junk journal page #11

And here is page #11

On my desk there is always a large piece of paper on which I clean off my brushes, stencils, stamps...
I cut a piece out of one of those sheets and this was the base for my page.

Last week it was 2 years ago since my younger brother past away, when he was still alive we sometimes wrote letters to each other. So on the lines I wrote once again to my brother about my everyday life.
On top of the writing I put a piece of delipaper on which I stenciled a scene with mushrooms (my brothers nickname was paddo, an abbreviation for mushroom in dutch) and added a border with a stamp.


  1. Like that personal touch of the letter you wrote, adds a great feeling to the page, it's hard to miss a brother, I lost one when I was only 8 and I miss him till today.

    1. Sadly I realize that indeed there will always be someone missing in everyday life and on special occasions.