Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kaspers gardenbook

For this book I started out by selecting some scrapbookpaper, I went with greens as this will be a gardenbook (to document the progress in the vegetable/fruit garden of my 4-year old son)

I also added the gelli prints which I made with the wax resist technique

The pages were cut to the size 19.5x13.5cm.
The cover is made out of a piece of cardboard wich measured 20x14cm, on the inside I made a mark at 13.75 and 16.25cm and made a scoring mark along this line. Folded the piece in 2 and made the punching holes with the bind-it-all.

This is how the finished book looks like

On the inside flaps I made pockets

the scrapbookpaper was folded and glued togeteher to create large pockets
My son really loves his book, he can't stop browsing through it.