Friday, April 25, 2014

gelliclopedia part1

It has been a while since I played around with my gelli plate, shame on me, urgently got to change that.
In Carolyne Dube’s community A colorful playground over on google+  there are so many talented gelli printers, I am not wowed by my own results so decided to start experimenting some more to improve myself. I want to put together kind of a manual for myself ( a gelliclopedia) with what works and what doesn’t.

I started with exploring colors, color combo’s, paint types…
My key learning's thus far are:
  1.      I prefer the more translucent paints
  2.     A print gets more interesting by adding different elements to one      print ( I tend to make prints with only one stencil, one texture, but when combining several together suddenly it becomes more intriguing)
  3.  Layering (best to start with the darkest color, when you use shades of the same color you create a nice shadow effect)
Here are some examples of my first run

first play with this homemade stencil, LOVING it!

2 prints with the other 2 stencils
flower coasters as stencil, combo of warm colors

fern as mask

detail of a print where I used
 an embossed paper as texture,
love the different shades of green
there is also something like too much layering


  1. Nice experiments Vicky, I love the warm colors :-)

    1. I'm a lab technician so experimenting is my thing :-)

  2. I love your idea of a gelliclopedia! I hope you'll keep it available for all of to reference. I have pages and pages of gelli prints - some I like, some I love and some are just blah. I too prefer the more translucent paints and I also really like the metallics. Thank you for sharing your experiment…looking forward to updates and you progress :-)

    1. I definitely will keep it available to all who wants. Be sure to pop by regular I'm thinking of making it a weekly topic.

  3. I love that you played and experimented - and learned what you liked and didn't like! I think your gelliclopedia is a brilliant idea! That homemade stencil you created is stunning!!

    1. Thanks, I still have so many ideas running through my head, if only a day had more than 24 hours :-)

  4. Fab prints! I love playing with the gelli plate and it seems the play and outcomes are infinite!

    1. Thanks and so true, the gelli plate is my best buy ever