Wednesday, August 6, 2014

logic and imagination

I managed to catch up with challenge # 14
Searching for quotes with the words imagination and logic my eye fell on this one:
Imagination is more important than knowledge from Albert Einstein.
But then I realized I already used this for the word knowledge

Back searching, but not for too long because I found another one from Albert Einstein with both words in it
Logic will take you from A to B, but imagination everywhere.
And immediately I knew what to do.
I started out by collaging some random pieces that were laying on my desk 

and gessoeing the page.
On top I sprayed some Dylusions spray inks and used a stencil and a babywipe to create some pattern.
Then I randomly stamped the letters A and B all over the page and connected them with each other.

Then came the moment of hesitation because I was liking what was already on the page but knew it was not quite there yet, but what next??
So I added the quote and an image of Einstein, but no, still not ok,
The summer challenge from Clare is teaching me how to proceed and keep on layering so that is exactly what I did.
I added some bubble wrap stamping, already better but still not there.
And then it dawned to me, I tossed the image of Einstein and added embossed images from all things imaginative: a fairy, a gnome in his mushroom, a funny bird/chicken and of course some butterflies.
This was exactly what the page needed and now it is done.

And now off to the drawingboards for this forthnigths challenge.
Hope to see you back soon.


  1. Love your page Vicky, all the layers and the refreshing color ;-)

    1. Thanks Ruth, I think I'm getting over my fear of layering.

  2. Excellent page Vicky. I need to practice mote on collage. I generally avoid it.
    Many thanks for your comment on my 'Mind' post And for your lovely comment on Wee Man's post too, but you will get a reply from him too :-D

    1. well I must say I do this kind of collaging as background to create some interest but I would like to make a proper collage, a focal point, but am to afraid to start and actually don't really know how to, Maybe i should find some tutorials online or order a book or so.

  3. A fabulous page in great color combination.

    1. thank you silvia, I think I need to restock my Dylusions spray inks, as I'm runing low.