Monday, August 25, 2014


I started this page ages ago, but I didn’t seem to get it quite together.
I first started with painting the background with blue watercolors and sprinkling in some salt, but this didn’t turn out like I had hoped.
Then some spraying through a snowflake stencil and some embossed snowflakes to picture the crystal structure of salt.
Then it needed something more but couldn’t decide what so I laid it aside for a while (this while turned into months)
As I want to finish of this project I needed to tackle this page and suddenly I knew what to do, recently I bought some felt snowflakes at a garage sale
(actually I think I got them for free, I intended to use them as a kind of a stencil on the gelli plate)
But they were the perfect topping for this page, so I painted them white (as they were brown), added some glitters and glued them down.

The only issue is that they are really bulky, so I think everytime I will flip through my altered dictionary it will open on this page first (which by the way is not one of my favourites)


  1. Your page is lovely. The fab background has the crisp feel of a frosty morning to me and the fact that the book will open to this page may help you to grow to love it as you recognise your detemination to see it throgh.
    Have a great week :D

  2. I like it Vicky, especially the background, those painted and embossed snowflakes on the dictionary page look beautiful!