Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Me Time Message #3 - self-esteem

To see the instructions for this message please click here.
I applied some soft chalky inks through a stencil, on the one side I have a butterfly with some roses and on the other side only the roses.
Added a text stamp randomly and gold embossed a chicken wire background stamp, this was the background finished.
On the front I embossed this butterfly image and added some 3D butterflies.
The text “Believe in yourself” was written with an embossingink pen and embossed in black.
On the back I tried to add some glitter butterflies which I stamped with a glue ink pad and added glitters, but you can’t really see the image.
I probably better first stamped the image in black and then on top the glue and glitters.
 I tried to stamp afterwards with black, but this only caused my stamp and ink pad to be loaded with glitters.
The text stamp “know thyself” fitted in with the fact that you need to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, to come to a healthy, positive self esteem.
The irony of it all is that the message is about low self-esteem and I’m in doubt about the finished result, my inner critic is speaking so loudly I don’t seem to hear anything else.


  1. Week three project looking great ..... just posted my take on week four on my own blog.


    1. Thanks Kathy, just visited your blog and number 4 looking awesome.