Saturday, August 9, 2014

rainbow shower canvas

Today we, me and my 4,5 year old son, made a canvas to hang in his new playroom.
I had seen this technique a while ago and definitely wanted to try this.
What technique you are wondering, well melting crayons.
Super easy (even my son is able to do it), cheap and so much fun.
All you need is a canvas, a whole bunch of crayons, something to glue them on to the canvas (I used a hot glue gun) and a hairdryer, that's all.

step 1: choose your colors (we choose all the colors of the rainbow)
step 2 (optional): remove the wrappers around the crayons, my son opted for this, but o boy, did this take forever.
step 3: glue the sticks to the canvas

step 4: very important step!!! do not forget to protect the floor and wall because everything gets splattered (even my hairdryer had suddenly turned artisticJ)
step 5: LET THE FUN BEGIN, just heat up the crayons with your hairdryer and see it drip until you're satisfied with the result.

I painted a silhouette of a boy happily stepping in the rainbow shower


  1. I can see the little hands holding the hairdryer, it's lovely!

  2. Excellent idea! I love his choice of colours :D

    1. it's such a bright piece that enhances the playroom even more (because with it being yellow and blue it is already very colorful, but that's exactly what a playroom should be)