Thursday, May 4, 2017

background 18/100

One of the guidelines of the 100 day project was to let it go ( okay, now I'm stuck with the Frozen themesong in my head for the rest of the evening) where it takes you, that is exactly what this background did with me.
The evolution of background #18:

 swirly lines with glossy accents;
sprinkled some brushos and wet it;
lovely (note to self: should have stopped here)

golden wax on top of the glossy accents swirly lines.

thought the gold was too shiny, so set out to age it a bit with antiquing cream.

when I wiped away the cream, it smudged (and there was no more cream on top of the lines), arghh.

maybe adding some more brushos would do the trick, 

...when dry, not so anymore.

so time for some drastic measures
out came the gesso 

after repeating the steps as in step 1:
not quite the same result ,
guessing the gesso reacts with the brushos, making them more dull.
This time I colored the lines black for more contrast.

I had some tissuepaper laying on my desk from the other day when I made the stamped tissuepaper, this was used to clean my stamps, so I tore it and glued it on, better.

After some drips, bubble wrap and credit card stamping I believe I am satisfied and call it done for now.

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  1. What a journey! Oh and thanks for the earworm. Cara x