Thursday, May 18, 2017

background 26/100

This challenge is succeeding in it's purpose.
I wanted to create more and I am definitely doing that, 
perhaps not every single day, 
because sometimes life just gets in between me and my crafting,
but as you can see at the increase of blog posts a lot more than in the beginning of the year.
It is also teaching me to go with the flow,
I do not need a plan upfront, 
let one thing lead to another. 
And that is exactly what happened with this background.

Here you can see the evolution:

It all started simply with taping down some masking tape;
which led me to color them with some oil pastels;
added some scraps out of my box;
and colored the remaining white space with some acrylic paint
then the oil pastels came out again to play, 
they are by far my favorite supply at the moment.

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