Sunday, May 7, 2017

background 20/100

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I grabbed a box and put some art supplies in there and went outside to create background #20,
yes I can not believe it either that I am already one fifth of the way.

booktext, clear gesso, glue, dylusions inksprays, stazon inkjet black, stamps,
a stencil and some babywipes.

I collaged booktext, applied a coat of clear gesso and sprayed with the 3 colors dylusions inks.

I grabbed the stencil and a babywipe to create a ghost effect, but this didn't work out like I intended?? 
The leftover paint on the stencil however did create a nice effect.(Huray for not cleaning my stencils)
I also added some stamping.

I found the page a bit dark so I grabbed my white posca pen and outlined the stamp and also added some white gesso (okay, I ran back in to my studio to grab these as I didn't bring them initially out in the box)

Some additional stamping 
and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

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  1. Definitely yay for not cleaning stencils! I'm totally a grubby crafter! Love how this turned out. Cara x