Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WOYWW 414 -background 23/100

Here is this week's shot from my desk
(and yes Sharon,good spotting from you last week, I did take this standing on my chair, I know, not that safe, but it does give a nice overview, doesn't it?)

What can be seen on my desk?
my handy turntable with scissors, pens, pencils, gluesticks
also some paints, markers, a heating tool, water, palette AND also this box filled with?? Yulia, , these aren't lip balms,  
they are in fact playcolor posterpaint sticks.

Also on my desk is background #23

Although I must say that this is staged, 
because in fact I created this in the garden.
Like this weekend I grabbed a box, put in some supplies and headed outside.
Here you can see our (me and my son) set-up.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a fantastic week.


  1. Love the background Vicky, looks brilliant. Gorgeous weather you had, it seems. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #8 XxXx

  2. I love painting in the garden too - you don't have to worry about spilled paint. Those are really great backgrounds! I've never heard of poster paints in a stick. They look a lot like gellatos! Happy crafting! zsuzsa #26

  3. Great post, please stay safe taking your pics though! Love the background. Cara x

  4. I wish I could craft in the garden - but I have temporarily donated my summer house (and electrical supply and shade) to my future son-in-law so he can build his guitars. Who am to stand in the way of such awesome talent?
    Have a Wonderful, Crafty Wednesday :)
    Bubbles (PatchworkApples) #13

  5. Oh how fun to play that way in the sun! I like those eye popping colors you've chosen.
    Rose of Rose's Art Garden

  6. I like the resist effect that you've created. Working in the garden sounds fun. Happy WOYWW Sarah #25

  7. What a lovely idea to go outside, though for me I'd never get anything done as I'd want to work in my garden! Love the colors on the background.
    Thanks for the visit!
    Angie #30

  8. Those are gorgeous rich colours, love them. Have a great crafty weekend and a happy belated woyww, Angela x16x