Monday, June 30, 2014

sos cards

I often start a project and get stuck at some point, the Giving Hands Creative Studio has come with a solution called  a mixed media inspiration deck.
I liked the idea but I wasn’t willing to spent 20 dollars on them.
So I decided to make a deck of my own.
I started out by cutting 12 gelli prints in 4 pieces of 9 x 6cm, so like in a normal card deck I have a set of 4 cards of each.
Then I started decorating the cards, o boy was my desk  a mess after this.
I pulled out all sort of things: stamps, inks, glitter, embossing powder, texture paste, spray inks, stickers…

Each card has a prompt on the back, these are the ones I already came up with:

Use a stencil
Use spray ink
Use embossing powder
Use glitter
Use texture paste
Use your favorite stamp
Add some writing
Add some doodling

 As you can see I still need to find 44 more, if you have any suggestions, just drop me a line.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Turkey has the key to paradise - junk journal page #19

After watching a Carolyne Dube video on using scraps I was so energized, I just had to grab my scrapbox

And get started.
It was so much fun picking scraps

and gluing them randomly on the page.

I also added some color with oil pastels and some writing (words that came to mind when thinking of our holiday last week)

I wanted to add a stencil or mask and suddenly I knew it had to be a Mosk, so I set myself to making one myself, this wasn’t easy but I am satisfied with the result.

And this is the finished page, just added some more stenciling with an Arabian style stencil (to use up all the blue paint I had still on my palette), an attempt at some Arabian writing and a key and red moon embillishment to top it all of.

junk used:
* scrappaper
* ribbon from a gift package
* outline of a punch-out

Monday, June 23, 2014



I’m BACK after spending a magnificent holiday in Turkey: sun, sea, beach, good food and quality time with husband and son.
Batteries are fully recharged again.
Time to get the creative juices flowing again and what better way then the Q&L challenge where this forthnight the words are vintage and/or proud.
I was immediately  drawn to vintage and was convinced I was going to make a page in a vintage style, but this was before I searched for a suitable quote which unfortunately  I couldn’t find, in fact I didn’t find any at all.
So proud it would be.
Normally I experience kind of a creative block after a period of inactivity, but not this time.
When we returned home last week we could not miss the national crazziness for our football team. Everything turned red (our team are the Red Devils) and the Belgian flag is everywhere.
Everybody suddenly is proud to be Belgian and proud of our football players, so this was my inspiration for this page.

The colourscheme for this page is black/yellow/red as these are the colours of our flag.
I started out by making some gelli prints in these colours and cutting them up in a football shape.
Glued them to a background which I coloured using my gell sticks and a wet babywipe.

I tuned everything a bit down with a light gesso wash.
Added some texture through a stencil I found in my stash which apparentely had never been used before. The pattern kinda reminds me of the net of a goal.
The texture paste is homemade using babypowder, details will follow soon in the gelliclopedia series.
I added the quote on some masking tape which I turned into some washitape by spraying some blue sprayink on it (also homemade) and stamped some yellow, black and red dots with bubblewrap.

Added a fairy image from the package of a stamp set and some collage elements and voila.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Wow, this must be my fastest Q&L entry and fastest page made ever.
I had/set myself a time limit of about 30 mins on this page, this was  in between packing suitcases.
I had found this fun quote: We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.
I grabbed a gelli print out of my stash, one with circles and suddenly the quote made me think of smiley faces, so I drew some.
There was a white strip on the bottom which I masked with some homemade gelliprinted washitape.
I added this fun, quirky, sassy girl  who suits the atmospere just perfectly. I stamped her, scanned the image and enlarged it on the computer.
Used some Derwent colorsoft pencils to color her and  give her a funky look and added the quote in handwriting.

I'm off now for a well deserved hopefully sunny, relaxing holiday.
I will be back (in a couple of weeks).

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Birthday calendar - June

For this months calendar I cut 31 squares from 5 cm x 5 cm, glued them to a piece of white scrapbook paper and stitched them with my sewing machine.
I must say I have a sewing machine but hardly ever use it, I’m actually totally useless at sewing. I even still ask my mum to sew on a button, I know shame on me.
So now and then I feel the urge to learn to sew and that’s where this page came from.

So and as you can see it is very amateuristicly sewn, need lots more practice but it just doesn’t appeal to me, the time I can spent crafting  I rather spent it with getting my fingers painty an inky than learning to sew.