Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Hello and welcome fellow deskers on the last day of February,

We are all here thanks to our kind host Julia from The Stamping Ground.

My desk did see some more action then last week.
(apologies for the dark picture, forgot to turn on the lights)

I am currently working on this week's somethings, 
I prepared a masterboard 
which I will be cutting into 10x15cm pieces.

In the holder you see last week's somethings, 
which I kept fairly simple:
torn bookpages from a dictionary I used way back for the alpha/dictionary challenge over at The Craft Barn and some stamped images.

Here's a collage of all 7 of them,
want to see all 56, just click on the 365somethings tab above.

I also did manage to sit down and have a go on the grungy gelli printing,
here are some samples of that session

with this one being my absolute favorite.

What have you been up to?
I'll find out now as I make my way to all your wonderful desks.
thx for stopping by and have a lovely day, 
here it will be a very cold one.

Monday, February 26, 2018


For this week's somethings I kept it fairly simple,
I tore bookpages and added some stamped images to them,
simple but pretty nonetheless.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Hello and welcome,

Nothing much going on on my desk this week.

There is however a good explanation for that:
we have painters starting today with installing our ceiling in the living room/kitchen and painting everything so we needed to clear everything which took all of my time unfortunately.

The only thing I managed is to set up my desk to attempt the grungy gelliplate printing I saw last week on Susan’s desk

Also on my desk you can see the result of last week’s icads (10x15cm indexcards) still going strong with the 365 project.

Hop on over to Julia at The Stamping Ground see what other creative souls are doing.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

43-49/365 somethings - bloom

Part of one of the Wanderlust 2018 lessons was to create a mandala style bloom, I was not completely happy with my first try, so I explored the concept some more on my icads this time.

I created a heartshape bloom, blooms out of maps, booktext, small blooms,...

I experience that the small format is enabling me to experiment more, be more free, go with the flow more and see what happens.

heartshaped bloom.

bloom out of maps.


booktext bloom.

scrappaper bloom.
small vintage bloom.

roses bloom.
Don't know why but all of a sudden I seem to be working very dimensional as can be seen in this picture:

This will become one big fat book.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


My craft room isn't messy
I just like to have everything on display.

On my desk is a pile of scraps which I am using for backgrounds for my next set of icads.
I am exploring the blooms some more from one of the wanderlust lessons.

In the picture holder I have my icads from last week at display.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My Path

I finished my first spread in my first Dylusions journal 
which I bought especially for Wanderlust 2018.

This is out of my comfort zone, 
not my usual style,
but a style I like and wish to explore more.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Can you guess the theme of this week's icads?

These Valentines icads were so much fun making,
the backgrounds were done very quickly,
no thinking involved there,
then came the process of looking for the perfect elements for each one of them.
I honestely can't tell which one is my favourite.
what about you?

I am very glad I choose the icads as format for this challenge,
manageble but yet so much fun and so much opportunities.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Hello Wednesday,

Time to share our desks over at Julia's.
Mine is buzzing with creativity

my desk in all his glory.

I'm busy with this week's 7 somethings (want to see my other 35 somethings check out the 365somethings2018 tab above) 

7 Valentine icads in progress.

stack of Valentine related items: stamps, paper, embellishments.
I did manage to finish off my bloom from last week, not completely happy with it, might give it another try as it was a fun project

short and sweet, of to see yours now 😉

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Trusting the path mandala part 2


Part 2 of the lesson was to create a windrose using maps.

I started with a watercolorwash background. I had these cheap tubes already for years which of course meant that most of them were as hard as rock. 
I am just wondering wether you can use them as pans instead? 
Maybe I need to retrieve them out of the garbage? 
Or is that a bridge to far?
I did order a replacement Kuretake set after seeing Jamie's lesson last week.

Next came cutting the shapes out of maps,
the heart was a happy little cutting accident, that coincidentally fits perfect with the theme
Trusting the path,
Following your path,
Following your heart.

After the heart accident many more accidents followed, 
the one more happier then the other.
Didn't like the doodling on my compass, so covered them up again
The lines are not all oriented in the same way,tried to fix that but failed hence the 2 darker lines, not so happy accident
Didn't like the doodling in my 2nd circle either so pulled it back off and glued it back down, like the color that came of from underneath, yet another happy accident.

Here is the double spread with both mandalas

2 lessons out of the 5 completed.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Trusting the path mandala part 1


I've finished part 1 from Jennifer Lee's Wanderlust class.

This included a whole bunch of circles

which I played around with 

until the arrangement was pleasing to me

I think I liked it better without the outlining though

On to part 2 now.

Sunday, February 4, 2018



This week's theme for my 7 icads was chosen by my son and he chose carnival.
I started with some fun, colorful backgrounds using brushos, ink splatters...
This was on wednesday evening, I had had such a bad day but just sitting down with him and making these backgrounds lightened up my day.
The next following days I spent fiddling with focal points, in fact I made way much than 7 somethings but a lot didn't make the final curtain.
These did:

Amsterdam inks with black acrylic stencilling.
brushos with a Rio carnival dancer.
ecoline splatters with some collage elements.

background is a napkin design, images are from a National Geographic magazine.
black gesso with white stencilling, silhouettes from a Mardi Gras band.
black gesso with gold wax stencilling.

collage depecting a vintage carnival.

As you may have noticed carnival took me all over the world, from Rio de Janeiro, over New Orleans and Venice to China and back in time.