Monday, February 29, 2016

JAM 8 favourite drink/use bubble wrap

I didn't have to think long about this one, currently this is definitely a G&T.
I wrote the recipe for a gin tonic in spectrum noir alcohol marker. I did this on purpose so it would still be visible after painting over it which I did with fresh lime Dylusions paint.
While the paint was still wet I dabbed a piece of bubble wrap in it leaving some marks. 

I cut a stencil with my silhouette from a girl laying in a cocktail glass and stencilled her in black.

Next I added some more marks with bubble wrap and playcolor sticks and had some fun with stickers and the finishing touches.

Now on to my favourite food, also a no brainer, chocolat, mmm.

Friday, February 26, 2016

spread love, not war

For this month’s Wanderlust challenge we needed to be inspired by a pattern and use markers and/or pens.
I found the pattern on these candlelight holders interesting and inspiring.

So I set to work and came up with this.

Because the pattern has an oriental feel to me, I used my mosque stencil, which is a handcut, very whimsy stencil (these were the days before my silhouette cameo).

Here is a step by step:

First I glued down some pieces with Arabic text on it and applied a layer of blue with the playcolor sticks.

I stencilled some bubblegum pink Dylusions paint through a floral stencil of which the pattern is similar as on the candlelight holders.(  I haven't used the paints in months, not since I moved back to my attick studio, although they are just next to me on display on the shelves so I guess this spread also qualifies for this months let's play theme of neglected supplies.
)  Next I applied black paint to the mosque stencil and I wanted to use it as a stamp, but failed, it just left some black marks as can be seen on this picture. 

Instead I just stencilled it, love the texture that came through the black from the layers underneath.

When everything was all dry I took my posca paint pens and started doodling.
All of a sudden a heart appeared in the tower. So I will be entering this in the Craft Barn challenge, hearts and no red. 

This heart lead to the title of the page: spread love, not war.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


This is how my workdesk lookes like this morning

I’m in the middle of Wanderlust lesson no 7 about pens and markers.
I’m attempting to do some drawings with alcohol based markers on parchment paper for this assignment.
I just bought a book draw groovy by Thaneeya McArdle, it is in fact a kids book, but I thought it was fun for me too.
I want to try to learn how to draw, don’t know whether that is possible, whether it is a natural gift you can’t learn, we’ll see.

That's all for me today, short and sweet. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

neglected art supplies - distress stains

Another supply that can use some dusting off are my distress stains.
Why do I suddenly think about neglected supplies? Well head on over to Carolyne Dube's blog and she'll explain you everything.
So I cut some tags and grabbed my stains and was all set for some play time.

This is an overview of the results

And here are the details

watercolor technique = applying distress stain (DS) to craft mat and swiping tag through it.

watercolor technique and stamping with DS

from left to right:
watercolor technique + DS blown with air can
drawn pattern with crayon (acts as a resist for the DS) + watercolor technique
watercolor technique + dauber dots

some textured tags
left: glue down crumbled up tissuepaper and add some DS 
right: scrunch up the still wet tag after the watercolor technique,
then add some DS to the crunches.

these ones didn't really turned out as hoped.
left:watercolor technique + watersplatters
centre: watercolor technique + placing a babywipe for a while on top
right:apply layer of babyoil, on top watercolor technique

I turned the tags in a little booklet for further reference by simply putting a bookring through the holes.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

JAM 7 - your goals/stitching

This page is made up out of all new craft supplies which I purchased last week at a craft fair.

The background is painted with  playcolor paint sticks to form a football shape (goal). I used my sewstamper to add my stitching (maybe that should be one of my goals, learn to stitch?nah, don't think so, not this year anyway) 
The birds are a stamp set from Katzelkraft which I colored with my bright spectrum noirs set, they are so adorable, just couldn't resist buying them. They also have a similar set of cats and dogs. In the center is a steampunk bird stamp from stampendous which I heat embossed with joy wow embossing powder(WL05R). Sadly the details got a bit lost on the way. I added my goals for this year in scribble writing. The hearts are from my previous page but fit in color wise (and as they aren't red they qualify for The Craft barn challenge).
On to page 8 which is our favorite drink (that's a no brainer) and we need to use bubble wrap.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

forgotten toys - alcohol inks

This month’s theme over at the let’s play party is neglected art supplies.
I had to think a bit about this, after all they are neglected and forgotten about, but then suddenly I could think of a few, one of which is alcohol inks.

I believe these bottles were one of my first purchases when I started my mixed media journey a couple of years back, after some initial play they were abandoned and they have been sitting on my shelf since then.

I did some searching on the net and pinned all different kinds of techniques with alcohol inks.
I grabbed my bottles and started playing.
Because they were neglected they didn’t feel precious to me anymore and that made me feel free to experiment with them.
(I can remember when I just bought them and knew exactly how expensive they were,let me say I was very careful with them)

Enough of me talking let me show you the results of my play time.

blown with canned air
something my son also really enjoyed doing.

I think this must be my favourite technique
marbling in water,
super easy and look at that result.

gessod cardstock, double embossed.
embossed with machine
and heat embossed with silver.
this effect was created with hairspray and AI.

metallic sheet, embossed and AI added.

glossy cardstock swiped
 with applicator with AI and alcohol
stippled with applicator.
AI and alcohol on craft mat,
card swiped through.
Love these colors.
stippled on a piece of acetate.

Here are 2 techniques I tried but didn't turned out like I hoped it would
colors were first swiped on (do not like the colors)
then stencilled.
The stencilling didn't work like I hoped.
You should be able to poor it in the stencil and it keeps it together
but mine seeped underneath. so I used the applicator instead.

AI on CD, stamped and heat emboss on top.
Something I also learned following Carolyne's Permission to play workshop, besides using non precious supplies, is that you do not have to create finished pieces every single time. 
So I just had fun creating these, 
are these finished? 
but I am not putting pressure on me to do so.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Hello ,
It’s Wednesday again, YEAH!, that means we get to snoop around each other desks.
I must say I’m only joining in in the fun since a couple of weeks, but I’m loving every second of it, seeing other desks, getting inspired, but most of all what a wonderful warm community you all are. Thank you for letting me being part of it!
This morning before leaving for work I took this picture of my desk

Yesterday I had a play session with my alcohol inks.
What brought this on?
Well, this month’s theme over at Let’s play is neglected art supplies and these definitely fall into that category.

This is a shot of some of the results so far.

I actually have a confession, I took this picture of my desk on Sunday and was planning on showing this. 

I know a bit staged, but I went to a craft fair this weekend and wanted to show all the goodies I brought back:
New cutting/scoring board, set of spectrum noirs, some stamps, a couple of new Dylusions sprayinks and some paint sticks.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment.
Can't wait to see what you're up to.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Forgive and forget

Still in the Valentine theme, my F for the Alpha/dictionary challenge at The Craft Barn stands for forgive and forget.
The background is build up by first stamping some hearts in Versamark and then spraying some red DI on top.

Then some more stamping: some red hearts and a black script heart.

Next I cut this cute little bird silhouette and covered it in purple glitter (needless to say that everything is now covered in purple glitter J)

Lastly I typed out my definition:
Grudges only weigh you down and inspire unhappiness and grief.
Soar above it, and remember that everyone makes mistakes.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

JAM#6 hobbies/use inktense

Hello and happy Valentinesday everybody,
I worked on my 6th JAM page today, for which we needed to use Inktense and tell about our hobbies.
because it is Valentinesday and hobbies is something you love to do and are passionate about I started out by cutting different sizes of hearts out of booktext. I aslo added some texture paste through a dotted stencil.

Next I used three Inktense pencils which I rubbed with a wet paintbrush to color my page with.
I used tangerine around the hearts, sun yellow inside the hearts and sienna gold for the rest of the page.

Inside the hearts I did some stamping.

Next I fiddled a bit with my silhouette to cut the clock butterfly stencil, but am pleased how that turned out.
Typed the quote 
Time spent with family is worth every second.
and made 3 little tags with my hobbies on which are creating (of course), reading and family time.
I attached them to the page with these cute little heart shaped paper clips. 

I just read that this forthnightly challenge over at The Craft Barn is hearts and we are not suppose to use red on them, so this fits in perfectly.

Friday, February 12, 2016

JAM#3 words that describe me/use a brayer

I started by brayering some warm colors on my page.
Next I wanted to create a stencil from a picture of me, but after spending hours I gave up and instead I used this image I had in my Silhouette library. But in fact I cut a silhouette and not a stencil, instead of just glueing the silhouette down I outlined it because I didn't want to cover up those colors and also I wanted to write down my words inside of the head. I colored the hair details with my posca pens and created the scalloped border.
It was still lacking something so I drew the wavy lines.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

whimsical houses

Yesterday you could see my journal page with whimsical houses on my desk during WOYWW, well here is the walk through.

I started by collaging all different kinds of patterned paper out my scrap drawer to the page

Added acrylic paint in different tones of blue, because I wanted to create a night scene.

Then I went to town with stenciling, I must have used at least 10 different stencils.
I also added some texture paste (2tbs primer/2tbs glue/4tbs baby powder) through a star stencil.
And constructed my whimsical houses out of patterned paper.
The middle one was inspired by one of the cartoons my son loves watching, Ben and Holly’s little kingdom.
Oddly enough he didn’t recognize it, my husband on the other hand did.

Lastly I did some outlining and defining, need to practice on that skill urgently.
And added the words what if.

What if the world would look like this, with such quint little houses, wouldn’t that be fun?

I'm also sharing my page over at Let's Play party hosted by Carolyne Dube I didn't really use a neglected supply, but maybe I used something that you forgot about and got you inspired to givge it some love.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Hello fellow deskers,
Wednesday again and you know what that means.
We get to show off our litte piece of heaven.
This is what mine looks like today

There is an almost finished art journal page with all the bits and pieces I used around it on my desk: gel sticks, posca pens, scrap paper. You might be wondering why there is babypowder on the table, well that is an ingredient of my homemade texture paste.

Last week I posted a picture of the kangoroutrolley in process and a lot of you couldn't exactly see how it would look like, well here is a picture of it nearly finished, still need to do some painting and drawing the face on.

Here you can see the pouch where you carry your stuff in around.

Now I've show you mine, now I'm off to see yours :-)