Wednesday, January 31, 2018



Time for our weekly get together over at Julia’s Stamping Ground where we share our desks in all their glory 😊 

Mine is in pretty good shape and yet has seen action this week.

What is exactly on my workdesk?
from left to right: 

  • my pile of indexcards waiting to be punched and added to my 365 somethings book
  • a pile of 3 different sizes circles waiting to be turned into a bloom for Wanderlust lesson no3

  • and my journal (which I haven't used in ages)with the background ready for the bloom

Here is a try out of my bloom, not convinced yet.

That was mine, how is yours looking?

Sunday, January 28, 2018



I am on the one hand sad because it is already sunday evening which unfortunately means the weekend is almost over, but on the other hand I am very excited to share with you my next 7 icads in the series.

This week I took a little detour before finding my true inspiration.

I first continued with the collagetheme I started last week

I choose 7 focal images and played with different composition, but for some reason I found it hard to collage on such a small surface, 
so I swithed gear and glued down gelli prints on my cards

Next I grabbed a pencil, my posca paint pens and my new favorite black pen, a uni-ball, and went to town with some groovy drawings:

Needless to say that I am very happy with my new additions to my collection.
I am having so much fun with these icads, especially loving the size that encourages me to actually create 365 of them
and like Tammy Garcia aka daisy yellow loving the last one the most until the next one lol πŸ˜‚

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


It's Wednesday,  that time of the week where we all gather at Julia's place to have a snoop around each others workdesks.
Here is a shot of mine

I am busy testdriving my new Amsterdam inks

I bought them last week to use in Michelle Turbide Wanderlust class, but eventually didn't use them.
But after trying some things yesterday I am glad I bought them, because I see potential πŸ˜‰

On the far left are my 7 in process icads for this week for the 365something2018 project I joined, playing with collage and composition

This weekend while doing the Wanderlust class on intuitive painting I did some cleaning in my studio while waiting for the paint to dry, here is the result:

and here is a close-up of the canvas

Monday, January 22, 2018


Hello and welcome,

In 2016 I didn't complete a lot of my Wanderlust lessons, hence the reason why I didn't sign up last year, but I did sign up for the 2018 class and am determined to do better. 
With the advise from Kasia in the back of my head to be open and explore I started my project for Michelle Turbide's class, which was a class on intuitive painting.

my stepstones for this project were: 
  1. layers
  2. water/lake
  3. pinks and purples
Here you can see the progress of my canvas:

Here I created my lake, but as you can see in the next picture it turned into a meandering river (ok, this is still water)

But the river felt more like a path (ok, no water anymore) towards a sunset

Layers and layers of acrylic paint and inks later it was ready for the final touch,
my butterfly tree.


Sunday, January 21, 2018



Sunday, time to share my 7 new additions to my 365somethings2018 collection.
Inspiration for these 7 cards came from iHanna, I fell head over heals in love with her collages, 
so much that I wanted needed to try that.

These awesome collage sheets from Eliza were part of the early bird bonus content when purchasing the Wanderlust 2018 class.
I used them to create these 7 collages:

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Hello fellow WOYWWers,

Saturday I received my package with 2 new art jornals in

why 2? 
well, besides the obvious fact that one can never have enough, 
I couldn't decide which one to use for the Wanderlust 2018 class.
As you can see in this deskshot I went for the Dylusions one.

I started filling it with the extras that came with the early bird package.

Thx for your visit, 
want to see more desks 
hop on over to Julia at the Stamping Ground.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

my numbers 8 through 14 somethings


Sunday, so it is that time of the week that I reveil to you my new additions to my 365somethings2018 collection. 
Inspiration for these 7 cards came from the early bird Wanderlust2018 class "dynamic paper painting" from Kasia Avery over at everything art which I saw earlier this week.

Dynamic, intuitive painting requires you to let go and don't worry and/or control the outcome. I noticed that I was looking at each card and thinking what needed to be added, where,...
This doesn't mean that I am not satisfied with the result, because I am, 

even so much that I've printed them out to use in future projects.
But I'm not completely happy about my process, gues I'll need to practice some more on letting expectations go. 

Next I spent hours browsing through my collage material (really need to get this organized, anyone any bright ideas??) and magazines to find just that perfect picture for that card. When that was done the search could start for that perfect quote πŸ˜ƒ
But now as I sit here writing this post surrounded by my cards I am very pleased, very pleased indeed.

It is only week 2 but suddenly it has dawned to me what a huge project I've taken on, 
but I'm up for the challenge, 
ready to grow in my art!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Hello WOYWWers,

Ok, the resolution or intention to keep my studio clean hasn't sunken in (yet).
But I am back to share my desk:

On the left is my desk and on the right my sons which oddly enough is cleaner then mine😁
and what is more on his is some action going on, some spraying through a doiley:

This weekend I did manage to crack open my new neocolors II and gave them a testdrive, it is nice to have more colors to play with, I created these 2 indexcards for a new project (365somethings2018)

off to do my round now, see you!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

background 94 -100/365somethings2018


I am double excited!!!

1) I finished my 100 backgrounds, YEAH, big shout out to myself!!!
2) and I read about a challenge on FB which got me intrigued imediately, did some more digging and research and came out at Hanna Andersson and Daisy yellow blogs.

The challenge is called 365somethings2018:
and it is exactly what is says, create 365 somethings by 31/12/2018,
so it doesn't have to be each day, you just have to have 365 somethings at the end of the year.

What will mine somethings be?

Well, I will be creating 365 indexcards which will then form a gratitude book, each day I will write on the back of the card what I am grateful for, apparently this is hard in the beginning but as you progress it gets easier and easier to focus on the positive things in life.

What will my process be?

I will be creating 7 cards each week and will be posting them here on my blog every Sunday.

So here are the first 7: