Friday, January 31, 2014

Always keep your head up (junk journal page #3)

I found this cool image in a car magazine which I knew would be just perfect for a junk journal page:

I cut and glued him on the back of a cereal box which coincidentally was also blue. Over the blue lettering I added a piece of tissuepaper (I still wanted to see the lettering underneath) on which I stamped a background stamp from Kaiserkraft using Distress ink broken china. I covered the picture of a cereal bowl on the cover with some gesso, added some texture in it with my foam brush and colored it in distress stain broken china. I noticed the figure had gears as joints so out came the gear mask. I also added a tag in a pocket with a quote from Marilyn Monroe:
"keep your head high,keep your chin upand most importantlykeep smilingbecause life's a beautiful thingand there's so much to smile about."

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

alpha/dictionary letter E

I think I finally found what deli paper is, I found something that is used to wrap sandwiches in and I think this fits the description. I am even more convinced after hearing Mary Beth Shaw yesterday on the webinar "an afternoon with stencilGirl Mary Beth Shaw".
I gave it a try on the gelli plate and I like the translucency, I used it with pearlescent paint which brings out the translucency even more.
To create texture I used 2 anti-slip mats (one for the bath and the other was for a doormat) which I recently picked up in a store similar to a dollar store I guess.

I’ve also tried the technique that Carolyne Dube demonstrated in this months video over at the colorful gelli print party, this entailed squirting some blots of paint on the plate and roughly going over it with a brayer, not to mix the colors all together but to create something  abstract. 

I teared some random pieces of these prints and glued them in the dictionary, added some stamped fairy images on tissuepaper which I colored using ordinary coloring pencils.

I will be linking this post to the colorful gelli print party and Stampotique Designers Challenge.
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 27, 2014


The background was created by first sponging on blue and black acrylic paint and then adding splatters of yellow, red and gold paint. This was so much fun to do and the result is a stunning universe.

 For the stars I used a homemade stencil and some fluor yellow paint. I painted the earth with my fingers, I love the texture on that. And then last but not least added a Lavinia fairy couple stamp.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Don't let yesterday use UP too much of today

I am currently still in the process of finishing of my dictionary from the last challenge (I only joined in in September) and the letter U was still on my to do list so Up it became. I've seen already a lot of hot air ballons, so ok it's not that original but I used it with a somewhat different quote:"Don't let yesterday use up too much of today".

another catch up letter: T = task

The background is a gelli printed tissuepaper on which I added some stamps and a tag.

9 more letters to go...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

junky butterflies (junk journal page #2)

I've just finished my second junk journal page and it turned out great as I do say so myself.
I started with a piece of cardboard from a pastabox and covered this with circles which I punched out from bookpages that I use to clean of my brayer during gelli printing. 

I liked the background a lot, so much I let it sit for a couple of days on my desk, I didn't wanted to cover it up. But today I decided it was time to finish it. First I wanted to stamp or stencil over it but thought it would block up too much of the background and then it hit me, use a mask. I used a butterfly mask and added a bunch of colorful butterflies, which I die cut out of a big sheet of paper I always have on my desk to clean of stamps, stencils, not to waste any ink, paint,...

Don't you think the colors and circles even pop up more now because of the black.
Thanks for having a look and come back soon because the ideas about using junk are running through my head and can't wait to start another page.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

blog post catch up letters B and F - Trial and error

Finding a word for the letter B was a no brainer, what else could I pick  than butterfly.
I started out by cutting the pages in the shape of a butterfly and spraying the background with Dylusions spray inks, however I wasn’t satisfied with the result, the colors were too dull for me. As I was undecided what to do next I laid the page to rest for a bit.
But yesterday I found it was time to finish this letter, so I decided to go drastically to work and gesso the whole thing and start over again.
I sticked to spraying the background and this time I was happy with the results. But now what…
I grabbed some butterfly stamps and die cuts to get some inspiration and the die cuts it was, I used scrap paper which I use to clean of my brayer during gelli printing.
When die cutting an intricate design as these butterflies I find if I insert a layer of baking paper in between the die cut and paper, this makes it easier to remove the paper without tearing.

F = feather
For this page I started out by making some feather stencils.
I spray inked the background and added some stamps and I was very glad with the result, wanted it to leave it this way but I had made these stencils so I was going to use them.
I sprayed the feathers, but this didn’t work out at all as planned and as I had feared, it was all smugged because my stencil couldn’t lay flat in the book. No panic I thought to myself, this is just an oops as Carolyne Dube would say (Outstanding Opportunities Presenting Suddenly )
So tried to work with it:  outlined the design with black marker, no… didn’t work, went over it with Liquitex Ink! phtaloblue, but still wasn’t doing it for me.
So out came the gesso again. It didn’t obliterate everything but that was fine by me, I liked it that way. I spray inked over it, added the stamps and this time stopped there. I’m not sad that I didn’t do this the first time, because there’s a nice depth to the page that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

I must say I am pleased with the end results, I’m above all glad I finally finished them. Now on to the S and E.

Sometimes you just have to do and don’t overthink things, not every single piece will be a masterpiece.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Q&L challenge - smile

This year’s challenge over at The Craft Barn is the Quotes & Lyrics challenge. Each fortnight we receive 2 words where we can choose from or use both in a quote and/or lyric.(for more details check out their blog)
I love to look for quotes and use them in my art, so this challenge is right up my alley.

For smile I stumbled across this nice quote: “ let your smile change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.”

I immediately had to think about a video Carolyne Dube posted on creating a globe using the round gelli plate.
As I don’t own a round gelli plate, I just have the 8x12 plate, I needed to think this one through.

I cut a circle out of a piece of paper which I then could  use as a stencil for a globe, applied different blues to the plate, added texture with an antislip bathmat (detail below) and printed the image. 

I forgot to add the continent masks which I carefully had cut out, so off to trial no.2, this time with the masks, but as it happens I actually liked the first print more.
Next I added the smile by using another stencil.
The pieces that I had cut out for the stencils I kept because I needed these as masks in the next step.
I laid the masks on the print and used some yellow, orange and red spray inks to color the background.
Typed out the quote and added fired brick, spiced marmelade and scattered straw distress ink (don't you just love those names). Cut each word and glued it around the globe and smile.

Can't wait for the next words, maybe I also do something with the second word: up.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Desigual inspired lay-out (junk journal page #1)

This week's Stampotique designers Challenge is about using something Santa brought or something you recently bought yourself , so I used the paper bag in which my present was wrapped, because not only the handbag is beautiful, also the paper bag in which it came, I knew immediately I was going to use that in my art journal.

This is the handbag from Desigual Santa brougth for me, guessing I was nice this year.

So I glued a piece of the paper bag down as background (yeay, I still have left over to use in an other project)
The package also contained this quote “you are not the same”. This got me thinking about nature, how no one flower or butterfly is the same, so I created some flowers with Dylusions spray ink on which I added wooden flowers.

I also used for the first time my Dylusions ink pad, which I bought a while ago  on a crafts fair but hadn’t used yet, to stamp the butterflies.

I discoverd this group created by Clare called Junk Journaling 2014, I like the idea of re-using materials that otherwise would land in the bin.
As I re-used the package, I will be linking this also to this challenge.

Till next time, bye for now

Thursday, January 9, 2014

alpha/dictionary letter H/A

Letter H=hieroglyph
I painted an Egyptian scene which I’m pretty pleased about as I can’t draw or paint, for the desert I added some real sand to the paint.
Then I added a border out of hieroglyphs.

Letter A for aboriginal
I painted the flag of the aboriginals and added aboriginal elements with a self-made stencil.
When I bought my gelli plate last year I quickly noticed that I had a need for a lot of stencils and invested in a heat tool, now I can make any stencil I want.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

motivation booklet

With a new Year, a lot of us make good resolutions.
I am no different.
And to keep track of my progress and to keep me motivated I made a cute little book out of envelopes.
I saw this tutorial from ThePaperAddiction (whose books are just so sumptuous and gourgeous) which looked not too difficult.

And indeed, I whipped this little book together in less than an hour. And I see me making some more of these in the near future, they are so much fun to make.
They have a lot of pockets which I filled with tea dyed tags

On this tag I stamped with one of my homemade journaling stamps, just glue some string to a piece of cardboard and seal it with gel medium. It's as simple as that.

To keep me motivated to stick to my resolutions I decided to reward me on a monthly basis. If I succeed this month I let myself buy these books 

I really want these so I better succeed...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years' gifts

I made these little notebooks to give as New Years' presents to the family. They are made out of colored notepads where we, me and my son, added some stamps and drawings to some of the pages. Aren't they colorful and cute?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

birtday calendar - january


I wish you first of all good health because without that we can't do anything.
I also wish you a lot of creativity and time to do so.

And without further ado, I hereby reveil this months birthday calendar

This month it's my mother-in-laws birthday and as she is currently in a black-and-white fase I got my inspiration there. I cut black and white squares which I then embossed and added either white or black ink to highlight the embossed images. added some grey flowers made out of bookpages to finish it all of.