Thursday, October 30, 2014

book of words

I was so lucky to have been drawn as one of  the winners during the spray inks play dates from Carolyne Dube. Earlier this week I received my happy mail, the wonderfull wall of words stencil which I off course needed to testdrive immediately.
I decided to make a little book of which each page contains 1 quote of the stencil. As the stencil has 28 quotes on it, I rummaged through my box of prints and choose 14 pages that caught my eye and made a simple pamflet booklet out of them. For the cover I turned ones more to my mop up pages which lay on my desk. 

These are a few examples of the pages:

The intention of this book was to try out the stencil, to have a reference of all the cool quotes on the stencil and each page is a starting point to be further explored. But I must say I already like it a lot with only the gelli print and a quote on it.
Thanks Carolyne for this awesome stencil, it will be well used.

Monday, October 27, 2014

I have never...

October’s challenge over on Journal workshops is to create something with a technique or supply you have never used before.
Ok, I can name a few supplies I have never used because I simply don’t have them (yet), like pan pastels, inktense pencils (all on my birthdaywishlist by the way, which is next week, so fingers crossed J)
But I also never have done a proper collage, meaning I often glue some pieces of scrap down as a basis but I have never created an image out of several magazine cutouts before. So this was my challenge for this month.
I did some research, because I did not have a clue on how or where to begin. I’m really thankful that there exists something like YouTube, I found the videos from Tracy 'Teesha' Moore very helpful.
After watching them I felt a bit more confident to get started.

So I grabbed a piece of aquarelpaper and slapped some yellow and ochre watercolorpaint on it.

Added a collaged border

And made this image out of: picture of a child’s windmill, a body, a scarf, a head and a perfume bottlecap as hat.

Next came the altering of the image with some doodles (also something I hardly ever do and do not feel comfortable about, need to practice some more on this, I recently bought a book on this topic so no excuse there)
I still wasn't completely satisfied with the result, it was missing legs, so I attempted to draw some myself, and then it hit me she needed an oversize handbag.

Next came the quote: It's better to have tried and failed than never tried at all.
I wanted to have a go at doing the lettering but chickened out and used a stencil in the end. Next time maybe.

I will be linking this to
JunkJournal FB as this was made using magazine cutouts which otherwise would have landed in the recycle bin. (so this is page #22)

Monday, October 20, 2014

canvas hearts

While sitting with my son helping him sorting the colors of iron beads for his project he suddenly gave me an assignement. I needed to make something for him with hearts and glitter.
So I made this for him

I started out by prepping the canvas with some gesso and scribbling some yellow and green gelsticks on it

which I smooshed out with a wet babywipe. Love the magic of seeing the dry crayon-marks turn into paint. I sprinkled some salt on to the canvas while it was still wet and let it dry, but I didn't achieve the desired effect. O well, so be it, it did however add a glimpse of glitter so that was good as that was part of my briefing. 

I cut some hearts out of bookpages which I also colored with the gelsticks and added a black border with a babywipe which I rubbed over the black gel stick. Some washitape and text stamping and I was pleased with how the background turned out.

I knew the focal point would be the hearts my son had made with the iron beads but it needed something more, while browsing my box with collage material I found these cute birds thorn from a kids book and another bird from a magazine add.
I like how it appears that they are looking at each other or even how  it seems that the bird is serenading the 2 birds up in the tree.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


I waited yet again till the last minute to make my entry for this forthnight's Q&L challenge where the 2 words were destiny & gift. I choose for gift and this wonderful quote: the best gift you can give is a hug, one size fits all and no one will care if you return it.
I started by looking for a cute image of hugging and found this one somewhere in my stash. I glued them on a paper towel canvas:

I initially planned to make a background which I would cut up in pieces to make a sunray. So I started, very relaxed, intuitively, no stress at all because it would be cut anyway. Well, it turned out that I liked it so much that I didn't want to cut it up and just used it as it is, just resized it to 21x21cm:

I added our little cuddly friends and used the cut off part of resizing as a tag, coincidentally it was exactly the wright size. Love it when everything just falls together. I attached the tag with this cute paperclip.

when you lift the tag the quote goes on

I will also be linking this to sundays sentiments tomorrow.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

There's no place like home (junk journal page#21)

Wow, It's been ages since I did a page in my junk jornal, I believe from July.
But yesterday I finally grabbed my junk collection and got creating.
I have these recipe fiches I got in a grocery shop,they measure 8x12 cm and have 4 flaps so they fold open to this 32 x12cm. 

I glued 2 of these cards on a piece of cereal box. I glued the middle 2 pieces down so the outer flaps close the page.
I intended to gesso them, as they are glossy thought better to sand them first, but I liked the look a lot so decided to leave it like that for the time being.

I wanted to create a contrast with the outside and inside. The outside would become the dark night and the inside the bright, colorful day.

On the outside I did some stenciling with black acrylic paint to represent a dark wood:

I added some star stickers for the night, a washi tape border and some lovely night creatures: owls

The inside I colored using my gel sticks, because I wanted to use a resist tehnique I did gesso the inner pages. I clear embossed some butterflies and added the color which I smoothed out with my fingers and a babywipe. With a clean babywipe I also removed the color on the embossed images.

I have a stamp from the Krafty individuals with a fun magic tree.
I enlarged it on the computer and printed it on some tissuepaper (luckily it didn't get stuck in the printer). The tissuepaper is recycled from my work, it's used as divider between 2 panels, normally it is just thrown out.
In my drawer I had a sheet with butterflies from a previous project, cut them out and glued them down. Added some stenciling, circle stamps and splatters (I managed to get more splatters on me then on the page lol)

junk used:
cereal box, recipe files, tissue paper.

By change the tree has following sentiment: There's no place like home.
Which is so true, I love spending time home and not in the least in my studio :-)
So I will be linking this also to this weeks sunday sentiments.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Hello everyone,

Again only just in time for the 19th Q&L challenge, where the words were better and/or patience, to be used in a quote or lyric (for full details and everyone else's amazing entries click here)

The Gelli Arts blog also has an awesome give away (more details here) for which you need to post a halloween or fall themed artwork on there FB, so I combined the two in one.

I started by gluing 3 pieces of a gelli print on a page, these were made with leaves as mask.

I added some gold embossed leafs and some brown texture paste through a leaf stencil in which I sprinkled red glitters.
The sweet girl is a stamp from gorjuss which I colored using Derwent coloursoft pencils. The tag is from the same stamp set which I enlarged with the pc, colored with some DI in yellow and green and antiqued the edges and handwrote the quote: good things fall apart so better things can come togehter.
Which is such a wonderful filosophy to think about life.
As finishing touch I also added a dried leaf.

As of tomorrow Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith from over at inky dinky doodle is hosting a weekly link party called sunday sentiments, for more details around this click here. So when her link is up I will also be linking up this ├óge there.

Until next time, bye for now.