Monday, December 17, 2018

week 1 of Kasias adventcalendar

prompt # 3 is things I know
I envisioned this page in my head upfront,
needless to say that it turned out completely different,
but a good different

prompt #4 = collage
we needed to grab a random magazine and tear out 10 images from the first 10 pages
I used less as I am working on a small size

I had so much fun with this prompt I made 2 more collages
using different types of magazine.
Below I used Happiness magazine,
a glossy monthly magazine

and an old National Geographic magazine:

prompt #5 = going for a walk and getting inspired by it
When I went for an afternoon stroll along the water
I was immersed in tranquility

prompt #6 = a quote by Mary Oliver:
instructions for life:
Pay attention
Be astonished
Tell about it

prompt #7 = food
okay, a gin tonic is not exactly food nor a winter recipe,
but I felt like creating this page

and I created also this one about my favorite winter drink:
hot coco

Sunday, December 2, 2018

advent journal - day 2 - rituals

prompt for day 2 is rituals;
I created my background 
and added a title
and left the rest as is
as I actually don't have a ritual 
before I sit down to do some art.

I will have a look at the rituals of the rest
and who knows maybe pick one or two up
for in the future.

Kasia's advent calendar - journal + first page


I found my creativity back 
or maybe better said I forced myself 
to take some time 
and sit down
 to allow the creativity to flow back.

 What did I create?
This lovely, colorful page
(thx to my new marabu sprays)

I used this page as my front cover of my advent calendar journal for Kasia's class
Inside are all sort of papers: embossed, gelliprinted, patterned, ....

For my advent calendar book I choose to use bright vibrant colors 
in contrast of the weather and dark days over here now
and circles because I just love circles and they are so versatile:
small, large, stencils, bubble wrap, stamps, found objects,....

the first assignement was self portrait,
I started the page by writing down my feelings about myself 
and then added on top a heart,
because I hope people see me as someone who cares and is passionate,
a butterfly because I want to be as free as a butterfly 
and the stamped image is who I'd like to be. 

waiting for assignement 2 to be released...