Sunday, March 30, 2014

wax resist 2

Ok, so my first go at this wax resist technique didn't quite turned out as expected, so on to trial no2. 
This time I really put a thick layer of crayon on my blank page, it was easier to remove the paint as with the previous prints but still not exactly what I had imagined (I also find the colors rather dull)

Maybe it's the type of crayon, so I used neocolor watersoluble crayons (like they did in the demo video from gelli arts) this seems to work a little bit better (or maybe I'm becoming more patient in removing the paint)

I also tried something different, I made a print on which I rubbed with a candle. Removing the paint was easier but it was harder to find the spots where I had rubbed. I also should have chosen more contrasting colors. I do like the feel of the spots where the wax was rubbed.

When I pulled the ghost print there was also a transfer of some of the crayons of a previous print

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gelli printing with wax crayon resist

After seeing the tutorial over on the gelli arts website I had to test this wax crayon resist technique.
But as you can see it didn't turn out as planned.

I don't seem to be able to peel of the paint afterwards, maybe I need to build up the wax crayons much more??
However I like these prints, they have something abstract about them.
I'm going to use them to make a gardenbook for my son's progress at a vegetable garden, more to come later. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Finally I managed to do some art this past weekend, for more then a week I've been sick, and you know if you're really sick if you don't even have energy to do some art. 
This is my take on this fothnight's Q&L challenge

This is my take on the universe.
The background is made using pastel crayons (men were my hands black after this), the circles are punched out some gelli prints and a universe is not complete without butterflies. The quote is stamped on some tissuepaper, I had hoped after gluing it would become more transparent. I maybe redo this and make the quote smaller to fit the space between my planets.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Paris (junk journal page #9)

This time I worked on a smaller size (the end result of my junk journal will be a mismatch of different sizes bound together), sprayed the background and collaged some magazine pictures.

The heart outline was leftover from a previous project, while glueing it down with gel medium I discovered a nice side effect, I can use this as a stencil (will use this in an upcoming project)
I also used a vaseline resist technique I saw just the other day, in the end it turned out ok, but not as I envisioned, I guess I applied way too much vaseline because all the paint just rubbed of the first time or maybe I wasn’t patiented enough to wait till  the paint was dried. So I gave it a second go, which worked better but still too little distress to my likings, maybe there stays some residue of the vaseline on the paper. I will give it another try on another piece of paper.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

spring is in the air (junkjournal page # 8)

The last couple of days I just slept because of a flu infection, but today I was finally able to do some art work (definitely a sign of recovery). 

I got inspired by the extremely good weather here in Belgium, it was sunny with nice temperatures up to 18°C (sorry for those still suffering in cold and snow). So out came the summerdresses to sip some cava on the terras in the sun.

The background is a used piece of kitchen towel on a piece of cereal box, the flowers are stamped on some more kitchen towels which I then fuzzy cut and glued to the page.

Friday, March 7, 2014

magical crepe paper

A super simple art projects for kids
(although we created some awesome backgrounds which I will be using in some of my art work, bonus).

All you need is some crepe paper and water.

step 1: Tear or cut pieces of the crepepaper, I found it easiest to cut and because K is into cutting this is what we did.

step 2:  there are different approaches, see for more here:
I glued the pieces down with some water and let them dry, after which the crepe paper just peels off:

But K took another approach, he is into making holes for the moment, so he made the pieces wet with a painbrush until there was a hole in them and then discarded the pieces. This gave a more subtle background:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

birthday calendar - March

Just a quick post with this month's birthday calendar.
It had been a while ago (or so it seems to me anyway) that I played around with my gelli plate, so I decided to gelli print this month's birthday calendar.
This is the first time I printed on a bigger sheet of paper (12x12) than the size of my plate(8x12). But it turned out just fine.