Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WOYWW 382 Craft haul

Did I have fun at the craft fair? YES.
Did I spent a lot of money? ABSOLUTELY.
I wonder, can anybody go to a fair and withstand all that temptation?? I always feel like a kid in a toystore.
Let me show you what I bought

a couple of stamps :-)
some essentials, mini gelli plates, waxes,
embossing powder and paints.

some embellishments,
the picture on the right is the content of that plastic bag.

For the first time I participated in a workshop, creating a journal.
These were some examples

and here is how mine turned out

And last but not least, because it is workdesk wednesday, here is mine,

I can't go into detail about what's on it, as this is the state I left it after finishing a project which is a present but the recipient hasn't received it yet, be patient, I'll show you next week, promised.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Past weekend I kept myself busy with rearranging my studio a bit

 before                     after
So what did I do??
I opened the storage area.
So now everything is more accesible and is split in mine

 and my son's

Originally I didn't do it like this because this corner was going to be the sink area, but unfortunately we ran out of budget, for now, so in the meantime I think this is a better set up.

And this is what is actually on my desk this week

An art journal in progress following one of this year’s Wanderlust classes.

I want to apologize upfront as I will only be able to make visits as of this evening or tomorrow as I have something even more exciting planned for today, if that is even possible, I am going to an art fair
Come back next week to see all details and goodies. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Hello and welcome at our weekly get together hosted by the lovely Julia,
head over to Stamping ground if you want to join the party and for all details about this weekly worlwide deskhop.
As you might have guessed it is all about showing our desks, so here you can see mine in all its glory

Yep, it is once again overflown with scraps,
But in the left corner you can see a cardboardbox ready to be decorated to hold all those scraps.

This page with the drips I showed you last week hasn't had any further work on it as I am liking it so much as it is I don’t know what to do next,

So I started with the next prompt, linear.
I glued down strips with glitter, as these reminded me of my flip-flops, I used a pair of old ones to create some texture. 
Then once again creative block hit me.

But while doing this I got an idea for another page on which I am currently still working on
I cut 2 linear structures with the Silhouette and glued them down, colored in the blocks with some bold  Dylusions paint.

Now I've started with tangling in the blocks. Still some more to go.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I can’ t believe 5 weeks have already passed again since I last joined in the fun here at WOYWW.
Then I was packing my artbag for my vacation in Tuscany, which has been used well I might add.
Me and my son had fun drawing and coloring, he even drew some comics.
The holiday was awesome: lovely landscapes with lots of sunflowers, great weather, lots of swimming, lots of family quality time,
in short batteries are fully charged again and I can go full steam ahead with everything including my art.

In my craft room everything seems to have pretty much a good place as I seem to keep up with putting everything away after I’ve used it,
except for all those pieces of scrap I seem to accumulate and aren’t able to just throw away and my ufo’s (unfinished projects).
My desk is evergrowing with those, so yesterday I thought about how to fix this and I cleared a shelve on my unit next to my desk and placed all the scraps and ufo’s there, so my desk looks much better now

The project that you can see on my desk is daisy yellow’s daily prompt 3, drips, in progress

I stumbled across these prompts and they seem to be just the thrick for me to get me started and going again.
I’ve finished 3 prompt so far

And flowers

There are 67 prompts, so plenty more to go.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

DPP4 flowers

For this prompt I started with a collage of leftover flower patterned paper.

Overstamped the collage with different flower stamps in black.

Next I added some color, it needed to be translucent so I used ecoline watercolor.
And I felt like handpainting some flowers, so i did.

I cut out these cute images of hummingbirds out an old National Geographic magazine, just perfect.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

DPP2 windows

With the second daily paper prompt, windows, I had the idea to use some cute owl stickers I recently bought. So I decided to create a blue night scene.
I started by stamping a birdcage stamp randomly with blue ink to create some interest:

Painted over it with some blue acrylic paint

Next I spent the good part of the day struggling with my silhouette, I wanted to create a windows stencil, but it took me a while before I figured out I needed to add some attachments between the window and paper because it just cutted everything out leaving a big hole.
But while trying I liked these arch windows, so I grabbed a gelli print and cut some out, these reminded me in some way of The Sound of Music, so instead of the owls I wanted to add some dancers (the oldest girl with her boyfriend dancing in the rain in the gazebo), the dancers were also cut with the silhouette.

Now it only needed a good quote and If you hear music, dance is just apt for this page.

Friday, September 2, 2016

DPP1 rainbow

The last couple of months my creativity has been on a very very low level, actually almost non existing.
In order to reignite it I searched for some ideas and stumbled across Daisy yellows daily paper prompts:
a series of 67 techniques-based creative prompts to learn, practice or otherwise interpret a variety of techniques that could then be components or lead to new ideas for art.
It is a little nudge to help me commit to a recurring creative play date.

Prompt 1 is rainbows.

I started out by selecting all the colors of the rainbow in panda oil pastels and colored the rainbow in the shape of a heart, no thinking just doing.
I felt like creating a sunburst so I took a babywipe and wiped  stripes from the inner heart outward.

Next I punched out a whole bunch of butterflies in the same colors and glued them on the corresponding colored heart.
However I seem to have issues keeping them glued down on the oil pastels, should I have sealed it first? Or use another type of glue? (I now used Rangers glossy accents)

The prompt did the trick because I did 2 pages in one go.
On the second page I sprayed Dylusions spray inks over the page in the colors of the rainbow, on a separate page I colored the rainbowcolors diagonally with oil pastels,cut out hearts in different sizes and glued them to the page.
I created some drips on the top with white ecoline, only to realize that of course the Dylusions react with waterbased products, oops.

Not sure whether this page is finished or not, but for now I call it finished.