Wednesday, December 30, 2015

WOYWW343 The reveal

The last WOYWW of the year and I have a special one up my sleeve. Because I finally can share my brand new shiny sparkling craft room. My DH has worked hard on this all year. The builders came and installed a staircase, layed the floor and finished of the painting in December. With all that done I could start moving all my craft supplies. I have been doing so for over a week now, I need to bring everything up 3 staircases, from the basement to the attic.Luckily I'm nearly their.
The attic is split into 2 pieces, one lounge area and one crafting area.
And this is how the actual crafting space looks like.

Going clockwise you have
2 tables next to each other, one for me and one for my son. 

In the corner a space where we still need to fit in a sink. 
On the other side our little "craft shop"

Next to my desk a shelving unit so I have everything on hand
and I got myself and my son one of those handy roller carts from ikea.

And in the lounge area we also have a whole wall filled with cabinets (11 in total) for storing everything

I hope we will be able to keep it in this state and don't slip to this anymore.

Hope you all have a nice year end and see you all back in 2016.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

a little break

Finally I managed to squeeze in some crafting time, the last week and a half I have been busy with installing my new craft room in the attic. I'm nowhere finished but it is progressing and was in need of a break so I made my calender page for December where the prompt is tree and the color to use silver and/or gold.(all details can be found here)

I cut a new stencil with the Cameo and sprayed it with green and turquoise Dylusions. Added some gold and silver words related to Christmas (naughty or nice; checking it twice; Santa Claus) and added the black stylish tree also cut with the Cameo, only need to figure out how to easily glue these intricate designs.

Coincidentally the last weekly challenge of 2015 asks for tree so I will be entering this page also for that.
I also will be linking up to let's play, because this was just the play I needed to get me going again with moving.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Curious how my desk looks today

On the right you see a painting my son made last night, before he went off to bed he wanted to create something (and who am I to deny such a request J)

While he was doing that I was sketching and planning the arrangement for our new craft room, which is coming together nicely as you can see here

Tomorrow the rest of the flooring will be laid and on Monday the painters are going to finish their work. And then I can finally move everything from the basement to the attic. Looking forward to that, not to the actual move off course but I am looking forward to creating in my new space.
On the back of the table you can see the Christmas cards I made thus far, a couple of new ones were made this weekend

Next follows a description of the process I followed for making them, if you were only interested in seeing my desk you can go now, but you are most welcome to read further.
I started by making a masterboard by brayering some metallic colors on a large piece of paper and some hot pink accents.

Then I took some stamps and ink pads in the same colors

And stamped away

Cut them in pieces of 9x14cm

and glued them to my cardbase
I cut 2 silhouettes with the cameo and glued that on the cards, the third one was a stamp of a reindeer.
I especially like the silhouette ones, they stand out more, I might color the reindeer to make it more of a feature.
But I do not have to rush or panic anymore for making Christmas cards in time, as my son came home on Monday from school with a whole bunch of cards he made and sells to support his school.
I will of course be buying and sending them because I find them fab (but I am bias off course J)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

owl canvas

Wednesday I promised to reveal the owl canvas.
And if you promise something...
So without further ado, here it is

I was inspired by an owl I saw here.
I started by printing out an owl, tracing it on a piece of carboard and cutting him out.

Next I punched a bunch of circles out of gelli prints and glued them in layers on the owl.
Some trimming and then my husband pointed out the fact that the feathers were going from bottom to top instead of the other way around. 

So I started over, not only because of that but also because I wanted to use other colors, more brown tones. 

This is more realistic and fitted better with the background I was creating with my gelatos. 
I handcarved a leaf stamp for this project

And cut leafs with my cameo silhouette.
I also cut a flower with the cameo.

And the sentiment

I so love my cameo, the possibilities are really endless I believe.

This was a present for a colleague who went on pension, that's why I wasn't able to show it earlier.

Carloyne Dube hosts a weekly let's play party, find all details here
I will be linking this project as this is also a perfect illustration of what she says about inspiring each other.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Goodmorning deskhoppers,
Not a deskhopper and no clue what I’m talking about, go check out our wonderful host's blogspot here who can explain far more better than me.

So here is what my workdesk looks like today, not too bad right?

After seeing a zillion workdesks piled under Christmas stuff the last couple of weeks it dawned upon me I should really get started on mine.

These ones were made yesterday.

I handcarved these elfs legs,
aren't they fun?

using the last piece of masterboard from
the snowflake project, just need to finish the 3D image.

I made a word stencil with my Cameo.

So this is my collection thus far, plenty more to go

And as you might have noticed the owl canvas is no longer on my desk, it is finished and all will be revealed this weekend.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas card #2

This week’s challenge over at The Craft Barn is paperfolding.
And as I really should get a crack on my Christmas cards I made this card using some rolled tubes of wrapping paper.

2 down, plenty to go J