Sunday, April 30, 2017

background 15/100

For background #15 I just used different washi tapes and taped them diagonally on the page

I planned to cut the ends but changed my mind  last minute and just bent them around the page, glad I did because look at the result 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

background 14/100


Here is background #14.

I started out by glueing down an old newspaper,
on top of which I placed a butterfly mask which I cut with my Silhouette, 
sprinkled some Brushos and spritzed it with water. 
Next I used that beautiful butterfly napkin I bought last week, just perfect.
I lay dawn the stencil from the butterfly and added black acrylic paint to make the butterfly stand out more. 
I didn't line it up completely correct, but that doesn't matter, this created a nice halo effect, don't you think?
I just LOVE it!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

background 13/100

Kasper, my son, sees gymnasts in this abstract background.
I can see them too, how about you?

booktext, acrylic paint and black ecoline blown with a straw.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hello and welcome,

Another week has passed and another Wednesday aka WOYWW has rolled by  (all details about WOYWW can be found here)

So here is a shot of my desk in its current state

some detailed shots

The design I made for my namecards for my shop.

when doing grocery shopping yesterday I couldn't resist
this cute napkin design.

and the crazy bird stampset from Kaiserkraft.

Past week I have been creatively busy and created background 8 to 12 for the 100 day challenge

Besides going to work, running the household, creating these backgrounds, I also am in full preparation for this Friday's art martket where I will have a stand with my cards. Past weekend was full of stress with ordering the cards, Last week I ordered them, but luckily I found out before they went in production that the chosen paper wasn't ideal to write on, yeah, that is of course the whole purpose of a card, no? The other option was double the price so I cancelled that order (luckily for me that was a possibility) searched for another company, found it, uploaded my files, had difficulties with size, then with resolution, then on Monday I got a mail that something went wrong on their side and the delivery will be delayed, and because  it is a holiday on Thursday probably to Saturday, I said that that was unacceptable as I need them the latest on Friday evening, they were going to see with production what was possible and give me a ring, didn't get a phone call, but did get mails that the cards are in production and with delivery date as planned the latest tomorrow, so cross fingers everything goes ok. That the designs are well, the quality fine and of course that there will be lots of interest on Friday.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

background 12/100

The bird on my previous background lead me to these cute birds from Kaiserkraft.

I sprayed the background with various Dylusions sprayinks and glued down the cuties, which I first stamped on some tissuepaper. I thought the page needed some white so I splattered some white ecoline all over.

I had a little oops with my fanbrush while splattering, but love it anyway.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

background 11/100

Background #11 guided me to the vintage side:

I didn't even have to color the pages, they have that awesome old look all by themselves because they ARE old lol.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

background 10/100

For this background I used a hexagon template which I first drew, then masked off with post it notes, added ink with an ink blending tool and some stamping in the same color. 

Doesn't this resemble damask wallpaper?

Friday, April 21, 2017

background 9/100

Pinterest is a great source for inspiration.
I clicked on the first feed that appeared, which was a video from Limor Webber, watched it, got inspired and crafted along while watching the video (that's a first)
This is how mine turned out:

Thursday, April 20, 2017

background 8/100

Day 8 of the challenge and today's inspiration came from a measure tape that was laying on my desk.

So I grabbed my ruler stamp and stamped away.
Colored it in with inktense pencils and colored the blocks with ecoline watercolors.
I'm guessing this will turn into a sewing themed page J

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WOYWW 411 - background 7/100

Hello and welcome,

It is wednesday so it is WOYWW, 
check here for all the details.

Last week I revealed my 100 day project ( I will be making a background a day and that for 100 days), so on my desk is background #7

I've created a texture with alu-foil, covered it with black gesso and some silver gilding wax.

Besides this 100 day project I'm also frantically busy with preparing for a local arts market next week Friday, fingers crossed I will get everything done by then.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

background 6/100

For background #6 I used a colorful magazine page where I cut out a square,
in the square I've placed a piece of my tearable pallete.

I've added some stamping with the grunge background set from viva decor and the lovely butterfly girl which I stamped on the backing of a tissue.

Next I used some white acrylic paint and my finger to unify everything

Not sure now whether I should have done that or just left it as it was.

Monday, April 17, 2017

background 5/100

Background #5 started as a mop up page from a previous, so it had the blue and yellow already on it:

I added a pattern with this gorgous butterfly stamp and some more translucent colors:

I must say my bottle of medium for changing the opacity of colors has become one of my favorites suplies.
I already knew that layers was the key to a succesful background, but did it with too opaque paints and then you can have 10 layers but you'll only see the last one.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

background #4/100

This background started with a piece of underpaper which had the print of a doiley:

So I added a border with doileys on which I added gilding wax and stamped a lace border top and bottom:

Next came out my trusty white acrylic paint:

and the urge to add gold embossed paisleys

which I toned down a bit with antiquing creme:

Loving this challenge so far, as it is doing exactly what I intended, to play every single day and whithout worrying about the outcome.

Friday, April 14, 2017

100 day project: backgrounds 2 and 3

It's day 3 of the challenge and I just love what I've created,

Luckily I'm still liking the subject I choose, backgrounds, I don't worry about the outcome because it is just a background, but in this case I think this is more a finished page. 

What did background #2 look like, well here it is

The project is forcing me to do what I want to do, create every day, doesn't matter what, but create.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WOYWW 410 - 100 day challenge

I must say my desk didn't see much action at all this past week and that due to a nasty infection, the only 4 walls I got to see were from my bedroom L
But I'm feeling much better now the antibiotics are kicking in and am ready to tackle my next project.

What is that project I hear you say?
Well, last week I mentioned  that I was contemplating blogging every day in order to up my creativity.
I got a lot of comments on how I was setting myself up for failure which is probably wright. 

Call it faith or what not but that same day Julie Fei Balzer  blogged about the 100 day project:

The only rule is to do something hands-on with your project during 100 days.
Why undertake such a project?

To grow a creative habit.

To exercise the right side of the brain – to expand your capacity for innovation, imagination, and problem solving.
To grow discipline and resilience by engaging in a regular practice of creativity for a period of 100 days.
To reinvigorate your creative life through exploration and permission to play for 100 days.
To discover the value of practice and how breakthroughs often happen by making a commitment and sticking to it.
To challenge a limiting belief about your creative nature.
To challenge a limiting belief about commitment.

I chose to do backgrounds as my project, these can be simple or intricate, I can choose to finish it of or not... 
but I need to get my hands inky again each and every single day for at least 100 days starting today.
Now all I need to do (besides getting my hands inky) is to figure out how Instagram works.

Here is background 1/100:

99 more to come, 
you can follow my progress on Instagram via the #butterfliecrafterbackgrounds
And of course I will be posting them here as well, probably weekly or so.

To see many more inspiring desk hop over to our host Julia over at Stamping Ground.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017



I did something creative yesterday, it has been too long, 
I don't know.
Maybe I should set myself the challenge to blog every single day??

I'm not only showing you my journal page 

but also a shot from my desk as it is WOYWW (all details can be found here)