Friday, April 20, 2018


I had so much fun the other day with the marbling, 
that I ran out and got some more colors,
I had some even more fun :-)

The only down side with the Marabu marbling paints is their smell (they are solvent based)
and the limited time you get to play with the pattern.
Did some quick searching on the net and am amazed by the traditional marbling art
and am going to investigate that some more 
and who knows maybe order some of that material,
I'll keep you posted of course.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Wednesdays come and go in such a fast pace, don't they?

Why do I focus on Wednesdays so much??

Well, because of this fun little thing called WhatsOnYourWorkdeskWednesday 
(check out this link to find out everything you want to know about it)

Now you know why I share my desk

On my desk you can see the indexcards I made to add to my 365 somethings I am creating this year

I used marbling paints from Marabu to create these awesome prints

I am heading of to the craft store later today to get some more colors, 
thinking of blue,red,black and white.

Another new addition to my craft supplies, 
a round gelli plate.
I used some alcohol inks and the round turntable to create some fun prints.

                       Now I think I need to get some more alcohol inks, lol

Monday, April 9, 2018


I still had my voucher for a craft store laying around that I won last year for most beautiful stall on a local craft fair, 
I couldn't let it expire 
so off I went and bought some fun new items 
like a round gelli plate, 
some Marabu watersoluble crayons 
and Marabu marbling paints.

It are the last ones that I used 
to create my next 7 somethings in the series:

Can you tell that these were a total blast to make??
not to mention how addictive they are.
I think I will pay the craft store another visit for some more colors :-)

Sunday, April 1, 2018


Yakes, these are 1 week overdue, 
so this in fact also means that I am 7 behind,
luckily I have a few days off because of Easter holiday 
so I will have to spent some time in my craft room
(o well, I will make the sacrifice 😉)

These all started out with some 
to create some texture