Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gelli print journal

For my first attempt in binding a book I found the perfect project on ; a journal from gelli plate prints by Christy Sobolewski. Perfect to use up some of the prints that are rapidly piling up, because did I already mention that printing on a gelli plate is very addictive?! 

I took 12 prints, cut them to size and folded them in signatures (= a group of folded pages that nest, one inside the other). I didn’t put too much thought in the order of the pages, it’s rather random. So I have 3 signatures in my book, each containing 4 pages. The cover I made using a pizza box, the hinge is the original width of the box. The cover is decorated also using the gelli plate. 

After all that was done I could prepare to stitch the book together. I took 3 points evenly spaced on each signature and on the cover and punched holes in them. I do not own any bookmaking tools yet, so I made use of what I already have and in this case it was a needle for parchment. Also I don’t have special bookbinding thread, so I used regular black stitching thread.  I should have waxed the thread with beeswax but still need to run out and get some or order some online because where I live there aren’t really any good craft supplies stores. For the sewing I refer to the video.

As this was my first attempt in binding a book, it is not flawless (but heay, that’s part of the sharm some might say). The pages weren’t cut perfectly, the sewing is a bit loose and I managed to put the journal together the wrong way around, so normally I planned that the flap on the cover would go from back to front but now it is the other way around. Maybe I’ll keep it or maybe I just cut it off (because also it’s not that sturdy and I think it might tear). Funny enough Christy encountered also a problem with the order of her book in her video.

I plan to use this journal to practice my doodling, can anyone recommend a good book about doodling?

I also will be linking this post to August's colorful gelli print party from Carolyn Dube.


  1. Amazing journal! So full of color! Thanks for sharing with the party!

    1. Now just start using it to learn to doodle :-)